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Jeans Cosmy - Slim Fit

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A heritage related collection like Tela Genova has to show denims with a high degree of authenticity made from heavier selvedge denims with great finish. The unique blend of italian flair and authenticity offered by Tela Genova shows great expertise in this special part of menswear.

Tela Genova Jeans Cosmy with a modern slim fit made from an exclusive 14,5 Oz. selvedge denim.

  • Tela Genova Jeans Cosmy
  • Clean finish
  • 5-Pocket Button-Fly
  • 14,5 Oz. dark blue selvedge denim
  • Straight slim fitted
  • Pocket lining made from a checked canvas
  • 32" length including turn-up
  • 100% Cotton


Color: Blue
Fit: Slim Fit
Article: Jeans
Order number: GNO-JE311601

It's been immediate enthusiasm for the products of Tela Genova, the unique garments and the design of the italian brand, that took us on board of a voyage that started in the 15th century and lasts up tp today.

"Tela", translated from Italian means "Sailcloth" and is from the year 1515 a part of the birth of todays selvage denim. The heavyweight cloth of ancient sails was in permanent presence of the life in a city of harbour like Genoa. By cutting pants from the sailcloth for countless sailors, the robust and durable Tela started to rise as on of todays denims precursor.  

It's an historical fact that around the year 1860 Giuseppe Garibaldi and his men wore pants made from Tela. One of these pants/jeans is part of the exhibition of Romes Museo Centrale del Risorgimento and is known as one the worlds oldest pair of jeans.

The philosophy of Tela Genova is to unite quality and authenticity in one collection. The historic demand and the heritage-kind design of Tela Genova is implemented on exclusive fabrics produced from traditional and skilled craftsmanship companies. The styles and fits are contemporary and modern.

The sourced garments are preferred made from heavier cloths and well handed grip. The denims are dyed by natural indigo and vegetable extracts. Weaving is made on Kuroki looms and Telai Anavetta shuttle looms.

Culture, history, quality and tradition are united at Tela Genova with italian feeling for modernity and masculine twist, combining an unique, individual and exclusive for men.

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