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MoonFire - 50th Anniversary Edition


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July 20th, 1969 is the day when science fiction became reality and mankinds old dream of flying was finaly true. Broadcasted by TV in black and white the world witnessed Apollo 11 landing on the moon and Neil Armstrongs famous words, being the first human stepping feet on the moons surface.

Taschen Books revisits the moon landing in the 50th anniversary edition of Norman Mailers dokumentation "MoonFire - the epic journey of Apollo 11". The books includes the Apollo 11 mission with hundreds of rare images and fullsized fold-outs.

  • Norman Mailer MoonFire from Taschen Books
  • 50th anniversary edition
  • The epic journey of Apollo 11 and the crew members Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz"Aldrin and Michael Collins
  • Unparalleled Photography with fold-outs
  • German Edition
  • Hardcover
  • Dimension 27 x 32,6 cm
  • 348 pages
  • 2,88 Kg
Article: Books & Magazines
Order number: TA-BOOK992101
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