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Shadow Project benchmarks the stylistic, technical and functional improvement of fabrics developed by Stone Island. Development, testing and engineering in lab conditions generates garments to satisfy far more than the needs of temperature, endurance and daily wear.

Although, the Stone Island Shadow Project Collection is one of Carlo Rivettis visions, "to show what is possible focused on function, design and detail in connection with the genuine with the Stone Island DNA". 

Stone Island Shadow Project continues to examine the dissonance between the individual and the world around them. Construction and design serves as a platform for performance and security based solutions. Detailed attention is made for silhouettes and integrated storage functions. Different types of pockets are designed to establish easy, but safe storage of individual belongings and devices.

To counter the full spectrum of weather conditions and temperature each collection is made from fabrics chosen to fulfil the demands of lightness, insulation and extraordinary weather resistance.

Stone Islands commitment to explore new technologies is the climax and DNR of the Shadow Project collection.

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