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Douk-Douk Tradition - Medium

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Offering the world famous Douk-Douk (spoken duk-duk) PassionFrance offers stories to fill an endless row of books in the shelf of history. By craftsmanship the Douk-Douk is a genius simple construction by just 6 pieces: blade from carbon steel, handle made from folded steel, ressort (backfeather) to fix the blade in open or closed position, 2 rivets and a small hanger to attach a leash.  

Around 1900 the cutler Gaston Cognet had the idea to manufacture a (Pocket) knife, thet should be robust, versatile and affordable. Today the Douk-Douk is an icon and collectors piece and although part of exhibitions im museums worldwide.

The unique Douk-Douk from french Manufacture Cognet in Thiers with carbon steel blade and burnished 11cm handle.

  • Pocketknife from PassionFrance
  • Original Douk-Douk by Manufacture Cognet
  • 6-piece construction
  • Blade made from carbon steel
  • Klingenlänge x Breite x Stärke: 90 x 19 x 2,8mm
  • Burnished 11cm handle from folded steel with embossment
  • Robust and versatile knife
  • Bladelength x Width x Thickness: 90 x 19 x 2,8mm
  • 100% metal
Article: Pocketknife
Order number: PF-ACC991601

Wolfgang Lantelme is one Darmstadts originals. The former owner of a Design store for contemporary kitchen accessories and modern homewear, made his passion for french knifes, culture and regional details a living. 

The distincted diversity of history, manufactureres, family driven dynasties and regional uniqueness are Wolfgangs fuel to establish his company PassionFrance® in 2006/2007.

It seems logic that the knife used to harvest grapes in Grenache with its specific shaped blade and handle is different from the knife used by fishermen in Normandy to slice fish and cut ropes.

In 2009 PassionFrance® received its first award, the International-Knife-Award of cooking knifes for the collaboration with frenchs K-SABATIER to develop the cooking knife collection  "K-SABATIER édition PassionFrance".

One of the undisputable highlights in the history of PassionFrance® is the NTERNATIONAL-KNIFE-AWARD from 2010, when Wolfgang Lantelme won the KNIFE OF THE YEAR Award in 2010 for his LAGUIOLE-PassionFrance®.

No doubt that the french-knife culture is inseparable connected with the name LAGUIOLE, even non-special interest people and no-knife-aficionados know name and product. No wonder that LAGUIOLE is of central meaning for PassionFrance®, even that central, as collaborating with the historian Christian Lemasson, prints and authentic originals made it possible for PassionFrance® to reconstruct the LAGUIOLE-DROIT from around 1850, the it was originally built in Laguiole. After intensive research and authentic knowledge its possible for PassionFrance® to offer thsi very special knife.  

With the years plural highlights and uncountable references in media and literature are collected. Today PassionFrance® is an international valued and renowned specialist in a market, that seals commercial deals by handshake, a glass of wine and a tray of regional cheese. But most of all, Wolfgang is still one of ours, sitting in his garden lodge in one of Darmstadts greened backyards.