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Messagerie is the life of stylist and designer Patrizio Piscaglia, who was born in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Piscaglia lives in Rimini, an Italian seaside city, famous for Federico Fellini and neo realistic cinema.

Thinking about Rimini pictures of colours, a village around the sea, a walk along the harbour, long beaches, water and waves immediately come to our heads.

It’s exactly these pictures, memories and feelings that come together in Messagerie, the contemporary menswear label established by Patrizio Piscaglia.

Each Messagerie collection is inspired from the special athomsphere provided by living in an exceptional, live driven environment.

Piscaglias Messagerie represents research, experiment and attention to traditional tailoring and artisanal detail, shared attributes of the valuable Made in Italy.

Messagerie has reached a contemporary and modern stability by Parizio Piscaglias research of fabrics, style and fit.

Military, biker, car-racing and metropolitan style are inspirational elements for the collection.

It may sound uncommon for an Italian Designer to name his collection french,  Messagerie means upper body wardrobe, but it’s the perfect term to describe Piscaglias playful and ironic design, combining past and present, tradition and modernity in one word.

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