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LE BONNET - A colourful World of traditional Craftsmanship

Over 170 years ago the factory of todays Le Bonnet was founded and is now known as one of the oldest factories in the UK. Traditional Craftsmanship and exclusive quality are essential to justify the "Made in Scotland" label on the Bonnets.

As a contemporary brand and lively part of the current society, Le Bonnet products are made from natural fibers only in demand of sustainability and durability. All Le Bonnet products are 100% bio degradable.

In the progress of manufacturing, all Le Bonnet products are made on traditional knitting machinery. The technique and skilled craftsmanship to make the beautiful and exclusive products is passed down through generations. The than finished Beanies and Scarves passed plural hands to finaly have been pressed and checked with utmost attention.

All Le Bonnet sourcing and production is made by carefully selected and judged guidelines. The quality of the valuable fibres are as important, as animal and environmental care.

All fibres are sourced from Scotland or Italy and the wool is derived from shearing and cutting only.

You are welcome to the colourful world of Le Bonnet to find your perfect beanie.

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