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KNICKERBOCKER - The New American Style from New York, N.Y.

Since September 2013, when Knickerbocker was launched, the brand created a modern menswear company with strong roots of classic American Style. Acting like an interface of heritage and contemporary, Knickerbocker designed their so called "New American" style.

The New American style is a combination of timeless utility and lasting quality, mixed with American culture and fused with the essence of America's subculture.

Meanwhile the New American style introduced by Knickerbocker found international acknowledgement and received tribute and praise by top tier menswear publications and online media.

It didn't took long to take the brand from Canal Street, NYC, to collaborations such as The New York Times.

The strong brand identity has served as a powerful multiplicant with an enormous social reach, building an engaged and loyal Knickerbocker customer base.

The belief in core products besides seasonal collections, strengthened the brands approach and visual recognition. For us customers and followers core products signal a timeless attitude and quality, no fashion moods to be followed and a certain added value.

But, as it is, the traditional fashion calendar requires seasonal change and Knickerbocker too satisfys customers needs for summer and winter stuff of their favorite brand. In this context the "New American" style offers seasonal Knickerbocker editions.

At this point it seems legal to introduce Mr. Andrew J. Livingston, the founder of Knickerbocker. The strive for quality and transparency is intergral part of Knickerbockers being. Livingston expressed the state of a factory born brand and Made in America is state of the art. Respecting strong standards of work conditions, sustainable products and to have minimal negative impact on the environment, a global supply chain and diversified production portfolio is absolute necessary to meet expactations.

Knickerbocker stands for this promise and their "New American" style to reach high raised expectations and to find an own, well justified space in the world of fashion and customers hearts.  

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