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KINGS OF INDIGO - Sustainability from Day 1

KINGS OF INDIGO was founded over 8 years ago by Tony Tonnaer. Since release of the 1st collection, KINGS OF INDIGO always had special focus on sustainability, fair conditions and payment and to save the environment. As a denim specialist and working in the denim industry for over 17 years, Tony knows excactly about the specific environmental dangers of denim production. Especially the conditions for workers and the environment in low-wages countries are well-known to be often far away from fair treatment and payment and under uncontrolled circumstances.

KINGS OF INDIGO is in an active position against human and ecological abuse and in constant search of innovation and sustainable concepts and developments, to reduce the ecological impact for people and environment.

The official guidelines of KINGS OF INDIGO are the 5 pillars of sustainability:

  • Planet friendly materials
  • Use of water
  • Social Responsibility
  • Transport
  • Waste conscious

From this position KINGS OF INDIGO, shorthand KOI, is one of the worldwide leading pioneers in the fast-moving cosmos of fashion. Tony Tonnaer is always striving to be 2 steps ahead to reach the next milestone in eco-friendly production and fair trade.

Production is always updated with the latest developments in innovative processing and machinery. The proportion of fabrics from the recycling is increasing stadily.

This futurewise oriented selfunderstanding is what Tony Tonnaer implanted into KINGS OF INDIGOs DNA to be pioneer of an ideology of the conscious and responsible labels of core-business denim.

The high-quality products of KINGS OF INDIGO, Jeans and Sportswear, are modern styled and contemporary fitted with a well balanced timeless design for durable and longtime wear, to reduce waste and non-recycable fabrics.  

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