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Old 80s - White Yellow Monocolor

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A brandnew Sneaker is always super, but it gets even better with a pro-eco-friendly product and a vegan Flamingos Life Sneaker, supporting a conscious lifestyle and social engagement. Every Old 80s purchase helps to provide fresh- and drinkingwater in remote areas of Uganda in collaboration with the Agua ONG Organisation.

Ultra comfortable, vegan Old 80s High Top Sneaker from Flamingos Life, made from eco-friendly materials in environmental conscious procedures and minimized CO2 emission.

  • Old 80s Sneaker from Flamingos Life
  • Color White Yellow Monocolor
  • Super comfortable
  • Eco-friendly and ressource saving production
  • Soft and durable upper made from corn (plant waste)
  • Inner lining from bamboo
  • Sole made with natural and recycled rubber
  • Removable insole from cork
  • Packed in a recycled cardboard box
  • Made in Spain
  • Certifications by PETA - Approved Vegan, USDA and GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Regular Fit, true to size
  • Upper 100% plant (corn), lining 100% plant (bamboo), sole natural rubber 


Color: Yellow, White
Article: Sneaker, Footwear
Order number: FL-ACC298305.1

Flamingos Life - in the Business to save the Planet

The Flamingos Life concept is 100% vegan. Veganism and the vegan production of a sneaker collection is a tool to break with some of the most significant eco-unfriendly techniques of the shoe- and fashion industry. Manufacturing of shoes and clothing is a worldwide major source of pollution, CO2 emissions, use of water and killing of millions of animals.

The Flamingos Life philosophy builds around 3 pillars:

  • Veganism is a key aspect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint
  • All life and animal life is worth to be protected and respected
  • Visible transparency is a useful tool for the consumer to make conscious decisions

Flamingos Life sneakers are biodegradable products. All merials used are naturally sourced such as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton (no pesticides) and natural rubber extracted in sustainable ways.

Since Falmingos Life was founded, countless animal lifes were saved and plastics and petroleum-based materials are substituted and banned from production.

  • From corn waste a vegan and biodegradable fabric was developed that provides a comfortable, durable and eco-friendly alternative to leather
  • Bamboo is the fast growing, reneable resource that builds the sneakers lining
  • Organic cotton is developing into the worlds leading standard with an uncountable eco-friendly impact
  • Upcycling transforms valuable, already used materials into new sources or products

Flamingos Life built a fair-trade network of suppliers and co-workers, using local sourced materials to reduce the companys CO2 footprint.

Transparency in production and philosophy are an unliked topic in wide parts of the shoe- and fashion industry. A significant part of the ecological crisis generated over the last 50 years was caused direct and/or indirect by unconscious and unreflected production and consumption.

Water as the base for all life on planet Earth must be saved from pollution and uncontrolled use, as although treated as a fundamental resource guaranteed for all people (still today the access to drinking water is not provided worldwide).

Reforestation and repopulation of trees is a major aim of Flamingos Life and every purchased pair is relevant for the collaboration of Flamingos Lifeand Eden Reforastation Projects.

Waste free oceans and the cleaning of marine plastics and transforming these into a new ressource and innovative products must be pushed forward.

A whole bunch of facts and challenges we have to face, but with every pair of Flamingos Life sneakers purchased we all together support the solution of the environmental problem.