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Weekender Take - Black


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Die Tasche Take von Ecoalf ist eine gepolsterte und sehr universelle Reise- und Sporttasche aus recyceltem Nylon. Die Message ist klar und Ecoalf-Like "Because there is no Planet B". 

Der Ecoalf Weekender Take ist die perfekte Tasche für jede Wochenendreise und Kurztrips. Zur sicheren Verwahrung von Wertsachen gibt es im Hauptfach 2 verschliessbare Einschübe.

  • Reise- und Sporttasche von Ecoalf in Schwarz
  • "Because there is no Planet B" Aufdruck
  • Gepolsterte Tragegriffe und breiter, abnehmbarer Schultergurt
  • Doppelter Reißverschluss
  • Grosses und gepolstertes Hauptfach
  • Eingearbeitete Einschubfächer mit Klett- und Reißverschluss
  • Dimension 36,5cm x 47cm, Durchmesser 20,5cm
  • Volumen 34,2 Liter
  • 71% Polyester, 29% Polyester (recycelt), Futter 100% Nylon (recycelt) 
Article: Bags
Color: Black
Order number: ECO-BAG388302


Since 2009 Ecoalf is an active part of movements to save our planet. Ecoalf fights for awareness of responsible handling of natural ressources, engages in removal of trash, especially marine plastic pollution and partners in science and technology of recycling and upcycling.

Ecoalf was founded in 2009 by Javier Goyeneche as a sustainable fashion- and sportswear brand. Javier is a game changer when it comes to responsibility towards the ecosystem earth. The fashion branch is not only one of the biggest consumption industries, but too one of the major players in causing pollution. For Ecoalf recycling is one of the best options to save earths ressources and to create quality products, that equal the non-recycled ones.  

The Ecolaf Foundation "Upcycling the Oceans" starts in 2015 to clean the oceans from plastic pollution and to get these materials back into recycling by getting partners in the fishing industry. The Ecoalf Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal to promote specified recycling and upcycling from trash and garbage. Meanwhile more than 3000 fishers worldwide are part of Upcycling the Oceans and collect marine waste catched while fishing in their nets. Die Ecoalf Stiftung entwickelt sich seit 2015 vom Mittelmeer ausgehend in wiete Teile der Welt weiter. Since 2015 Upcycling the Oceans develops throughout the world from its starting point, the Mediterranean Sea.

Ecoalf believes that individual responsibility is a united power for change. The claim "BECAUSE THERE IS NO PALNET B" unites those searching for solutions. The Ecoalf Line "BECAUSE THERE IS NO PALNET B" donates 10% of all sales in favour of the Ecoalf Foundation, to support the growth of the  Upcycling the Oceans project.

"BECAUSE THERE IS NO PALNET B" fights to save our home planet, as it is the only one we have. The earths population has to understand, that each of us is dependant on planet earth and for mankind the earth is the only place to survive.

Ecoalf is a high-quality sportswear collection with modern and technical design aspects. The production features the latest technology in recycling and upcycling to provide protection of natural ressources. The attitude of Ecoalf in regards of quality and design is based on the highest standards, facing the thrilling challenge to combine environmental protection and responsibility.