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Legends Belt - Embossed & Brushed


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The Dukes Finest Artisan Belt Legends Embossed & Brushed is an updated classic of the Dukes collection. After an handmade embossment of each of the nine likeness, the belt is finished with an exclusive, although handmade brushing with special composed leather lotions and oils.

The Legends Belt by Dukes shows the 9 iconic portraits of musicians Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, John Lennon the never forgotten John F. Kennedy and from the civil rights movement Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcom X.

  • Darkbrown Dukes Belt
  • Made from vintage leather
  • Embossed and painted by hand
  • The japanese characters symbolize the 7 virtues of the Samurai
  • With special oils and leather lotions refreshed leather
  • Second beltloop with leather tag
  • Width 4,5cm
  • 100% leather
Article: Belt
Color: Brown
Order number: DUK-BE991103

Since 2008 Dukes Finest Artisan is a manufacture of handmade belts, leather acce ssories and bags.

Dukes products are remarkable and unique designed pieces, made in classic and refined craftsmanship.

In Vienna, Austria Dukes Finest Artisan is founded byUrsula Klein and Michael Herzog. You can call it a family driven company, Uschi and Michael and their co-workers are always on location and give hand in manufacturing every single piece of Dukes.

When leather is cleaned, embossed, riveted and decorated with exotic leather inlays and finaly painted by skilled experts, both of them are not far away, as their own designs are realized on mostly old and rare to get leathers.

Hard to get vintage leathers are sourced worldwide from a web of vintage collectors, valuable blanks for their belts are selected through old army stocks.

Dukes Finest Artisan is an exclusive collection of handmade leather belts. Each of the up to 30 years old belts is treated with special leather lotions and oils, embossed and painted by hand. Old seams are opened and restitched by hand with corresponding seams.

The design of Dukes Finest Artisan is inspired by contemporary and historic themes, old and famous cultures (especailly Japan), ethno, pop and street art are although sources of inspiration.

A genuine Dukes Finest Artisan belt is taken around 200 times in several hand till its finished and ready for delivery.

Handmade procedures make every single piece of Dukes a unique and character loaded, authentic collectors item.