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DENHAM -The Truth is in the Details

Born in 2008 by a guy called Jason Denham, a jeanmaker from the UK with an obsession for premium quality denim - if coincidence or determination - named DENHAM, you might have a lifelong and spiritual connection with the indigo dream called DENIM.

Jason drove the brand from day one in the spirit of original blue jeanmaking, created with innovative swag and twist honouring the traditions of skilled denim craftmanship.

Denham was never hidding its demand of being an international, highly contemporary player in the denim business. The brand philosophy is rooted on passion of two elements: details and truth. The details are driving force and definition of the self reflection. These in combination with the truth is the blend, that makes Denham special wide over average, and details become signature and DNA of what makes the brand so unique Denham.

Being open minded is what it takes to mix the heritage of Japanese-style denim manufacturing and the masterful Italian art of weaving and treating fabrics.

Indigo dying is the passionate heart of all Denham collections, from exclusive artisan Jeans to the development of special hand-dye indigo techniques.

The Virgin to Vintage philosophy celebrates how fabrics transform and age from raw denims over to the most individual and one-of-a-kind pieces. Natural patterns are the most iconic and authentic templates for innovative washing and laundry concepts.

A great part of what denim developed into over decades is the undoubted spiritual home of denim- and jeanmaking in Japan. 100% Made in Japan is the reference of highest quality and benchmarking philosophy of all aspects of denim.

Being in denim business is an everyday challenge for creatives like Jason Denham, It's definitely not about reinventing the wheel creating a denim collection, but its to keep the wheel turning and to control the movement, adjusting the course over the never ending path of time and changes. Actually the fashion business is responsible to find ways out of pollution and heading into sustainability in all aspects of denim making.

Digging into the complexity of contemporary and detailed jeanmaking, Jason is for sure the perfect mastermind to handle creativity and the demand of sustainable production, delivering thrilling and future-oriented collections.

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