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CHARI&CO Online Shop

Located on the Lower East Side of New York City, the bicycle shop CHARI&CO attracts not only competitive riders, but also artists and skaters, offering a free and unforced atmosphere. 

New York often is a chaotic and messy place, but you never get bored riding through the streets here. Back in the day, there were many places for street culture heads to meet up.

CHARI&CO’s backyard fills the gap, serving as a hangout spot for riders, artists, skaters, and even neighborhood kids. The attitude, voices and personalities that come together in this space form the foundation of our brand.

But what does CHARI&CO means, where does that name comes from? “Chari” or “Charinoco” means “bicycle” in Japanese.

Due to the collections Japanese roots by design and sourced fabrics the circle closes itself and it's easy to understand how a lifestyle connects places from all over the world.   

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