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Q-Serie Straight Zip Thru Hoodie - Black


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The pieces from the BALR. Q-Series are most versatile apparel for all occasions and every style. The unique part of the Q-Series is a shinny metal-plate logo and the soft, well weighted cotton with a very full grip.

The BALR. Q-Series is the first choice in regards of comfortable and stylish outfits. It doesn't matters if worn around a chilly sunday or traveling. The typical BALR. style is modern and contemporary mixed with comfortable and relaxed fits.

  • BALR. Straight Zip Thru Hoodie
  • Color Black
  • Double layered hood
  • Front zipper
  • BALR. metal-plate logo
  • Comfortable fit
  • Unique fabric with a soft and full grip
  • 88% Coton, 12% Polyester 


Color: Black
Article: Sweatshirt
Fit: Relaxed
Order number: BLR-SW401103.1

Life of a BALR.

BALR. was founded 2013 from 3 pro soccer players and established itself nearly immediately as well-bespoken and noticed lifestylebrand. 

BALR. is an international and modern oriented lifestylebrand, known for its high-quality fashion, travelgear and accessories for men. The Dutch brand offers a wide range of products to inspire to live the Life of a BALR.

Founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus the label BALR. epitomizes a modern lifestyle.  Ambitioned, focused and in line with its sporty-aspiring public BALR. transfers the lifestyle of exceptional athlets into reach of those, who work hard, to live their individual dream.

Who didn't at least dreamed once in a lifetime, to equal his idols of sport, music and arts in success and greatness? At BALR. greatness isn't the result of selection, but greatness will be found in the act of doing. Not only exceptional Talent and striving provide greatness, it might be found even in the smallest aspects of life.

For BALR. an ambitioned aim is target. No is not accepted and stopping is just the moment to pause for  restart where others already gave up.